Summer vacations are coming and while many of you may have planned holidays away from Tirana, daily engagements may force you to stay for several days either in June or July. ICTSlab has been thinking of your kids by bringing “ICT Summer Boot Camp”. “ICT Summer Boot Camp” is open to all kids 7-14 year-old, whether they are part of current ICTLab courses or not, who want to engage in activities which surely will include: learning by having fun, individual and team-building creative projects, energetic games that promote 21st century skills in ICT, as well as many new friends. Furthermore, ICTSlab has reserved artistic and cultural surprises that will educate children on the art of communicating with field professionals by developing their self-confidence, positivity and communicative habits. This Boot Camp promises to be the space where the imagination of each child will be unlimited. Their energy, creativity and curiosity will be allowed to explore the world of ICT, starting with Programming, Computer Architecture, 3D Design, Robotics, and concluding with  Cybersecurity to make this exploration safe for them. ICTSlab staff will take care to teach, instruct and assist in the development of activities that aim to make the ideas of these small innovators come true. We believe in the importance of the free time to relax, have a conversation with friends and gather new energies and ideas. For this reason, children will have the opportunity to enjoy lunch together at ICTSlab, so that they can continue with the same energy the second part of the day at the ICT Summer Boot Camp. Also, during the camp time, outdoor sport activities will take place, as usual organized with special care of ICTSlab staff.

Address – You may find us at Stavro Vinjau Nd.2, H.9, Ap.7 (Elbasan Street, next to the US Embassy).You are invited to visit our center every day of the week from 12:00-19:00.
If you need more information about the 15-19 year curriculum’s  modules, please click on the module headings below or call 069 900 9000.

Prerequisites: Children should know how to read and write.
The number of children who will be part of the camp is limited. As a result, the offer is available for the first registrations that will be made within June 1st.

Registrations up to June 1 will benefit from the offer as follows:

• 15’000 lek/ two weeks (17’000 lek will be the amount which should be paid after this date).

You can choose one of the following Camp Weeks’ options:
• 17 – 28 June
• 1 – 12 July
• 15 – 26 July
• 29 – July – 9 August
Food: The camp offers lunch. Parents will get acquainted with the menus for each day of the camp at the time of the registration.
Below you may find the schedules with all the activities for the two-week camp: