Curricula for ages 7 – 14 years

Kids Academy

Dear Parents,

ICTSlab’s doors are still open for your children to join the 7-14 year curriculum at our center.

Children will have the chance to learn coding through visual elements, lear robotics through practical projects as well as develop personalized mobile apps, be keen on online security and privacy topics through practical activities, and work on personalization and game development on the most advanced teaching platforms.

ICTSlab staff, with all the dedication and energy will welcome new groups in a fantastic environment where children will not only learn the first coding steps needed for success in the digital age but will find support in developing key problem solving skills, strengthening mathematical logic through entertainment and educational games. Promoting critical and creative thinking, promoting teamwork through group projects, artistic explorations, and will have the chance to be part of the best methodology experiments on the international market through the expertise of the best.

Teaching schedule: Children are free to choose a schedule, adapting to existing groups.

Teaching sessions: 2 times / week. The length of the session is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Prerequisites: The child should know writing and reading.

Address: Find us at Stavro Vinjau Nd.2, H.9, Ap.7 (Elbasan Street, next to the American Embassy), where you are invited to visit our premises every day of the week from 10am to 6pm.

To learn more about the 7-14 year curriculum component modules, please click on the module headings below or call 069 900 9000.

Kids in Cybersecurity is a multi-dimensional program developed by Google to equip children of 7-14 years with the skills necessary to be safe and careful when using the internet. This program is based on an international curriculum developed according to the International Society for Technology in Education (AST) and the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), which through practical activities that will take place in groups or individually during the class, students have detailed information about the dangers they can face online and how they can be protected. Believing that “Learning by Having Fun” remains one of the best teaching methods for this age group, learners will have the opportunity to have fun through a game that will be reinforcing the concepts they have, as they will have to help the main character explore safe in the virtual world, Interland.

We believe this program marks an important step towards our goal of ensuring that our students know how to learn, explore, and have fun in a secure online world, not just within the ICTSlab walls.

Our aim is that at the end of this program the students:

  • Critically evaluate web pages, emails, and other online information.
  • Protect themselves against online dangers, such as bullying and scams.
  • Distribute wisely their information: what, where, how and with whom?
  • Be kind and respect others online while respecting their privacy.
  • Seek help from parents or trusted adults whenever they are facing suspicious online situations.


Duration: 12 hours


At the end of the module, the student is provided with a certificate attesting to the successful completion of the program.

Structure: Kids in Cybersecurity

Lesson 01: BE INTERNET SMART – Share with Care

Students are presented with the module and expectations they need to have. They learn how to create and maintain a positive online profile, and how to protect their personal information.

Duration: 3 lessons


Lesson 02: BE INTERNET ALERT – Do not fall for fake

Students learn about phishing and other online scams: how to differentiate them and how to protect from them.

Duration: 2 lessons


Lesson 03: BE INTERNET STRONG – Secure Your Secrets

Students learn the importance of privacy and how they can secure their data online.

Duration: 2 lessons


Lesson 04: INTERNET LOCATION – It’s cool to be kind

Pupils learn the value of positive interactivity, which is essential for establishing relationships

as well as the reduction of harmful feelings such as isolation, depression, bulimia and so on.

Duration: 2 lessons


Lesson 05: BE INTERNET BRAVE – When in doubt, talk it out

Pupils are encouraged to never hesitate to seek help from a trusted adult for them.Help is a form of being brave in dealing with online dangers.

Duration: 1 lesson


Final Project & Knowledge Testing

Pupils will carry out a final testing of the knowledge acquired in order to strengthen and memorize it, as well as will have all the space needed to develop a creative demonstration of knowledge received through a practical project.

Duration: 12 lessons

Price: 7’000 Lekë

Abstract: Scratch is a visual programming language, also a community of 13 million creative children world wide joined in an online platform. This programming language is built from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in USA.

What will be learned: Through this module, children will develop their problem-solving skills, teamwork, critical and creative thinking, skills in communicating ideas, and creativity by being focused on problems, modeling and execution of the solution of challenges. With this programming language kids can develop games with interactive stories or different animations.

Module duration: 3 months.

Price: 7’000 Lekë

Abstract: In addition to helping children understand how electronic machines work, robotics and electronics experimentation helps children develop problem solving skills and creativity. Students take this module after gaining  knowledge on the basic concepts of programming, and add new knowledge on the basics of electronics, by utilizing various electronic components to create projects applicable to everyday life.

What will be learned: Meeting the challenges at the physical level, facing different constructs of robotic troops to achieve the goals of the module. Your children are enriched with their programming experience for developing various electronic circuits such as: Arduino, MakeyMakey, Picoboard, Lego Wedo, Little Bits.

Module duration: 3 months.

Abstract: The Arduino Module uses Beginner Level Products. Easy to use and ready for empowering children’s creative projects. These boards and modules are the best to start teaching and manipulateelectronics and coding.

What will be learned: Combining Scratch Labs programming knowledge and experience with Robotics Labs, gives children the opportunity to built electronic machines, various sensor control / monitoring systems through electronic circuits of Arduino.

Module duration: 3 months.

Abstract: The purpose of the course is to familiarize students with the basic knowledge of computer architecture and computer system operation, interface between hardware and software.

What will be learned: Children will be able to argue how systems are designed in a modern computer, including electrical details, virtual and physical memory organization etc.

Module duration: 1 month.

Abstract: If until now you were just a player of Minecraft games, after this course children will  learn how to make their Minecraft fashion with the power of code. Children will be able to express their fantasy by turning their ideas real into a virtual reality in Minecraft.

What will be learned: Become a pro coder. Learn the real Java code on the web with the simple and intuitive interface – drag and drop.

Module duration: 1 month.

Abstract: During this module, children using the knowledge gained from the initial modules, can explore the gaming development space for mobile phones as well as simple apps.

What will be learned: For the development of games for mobile platforms, children will use the Stency platform  ( and App Inventor developed by MIT (Http:// Students will develop applications and platforms for mobile.

Module duration: 3 months.

Abstract: During this module, children using the knowledge gained from the initial modules, will explore the web space, applications and games development web site in completely independent way. Basic principles of internet, communication protocols, etc.

What will be learned: For the development of websites, applications and online games in the completely independent way.

Module duration: 3 months.

Abstract: During this module, children will have the opportunity to learn about the main principles of design, 3D modeling and printing. 3D dimensional modeling and printing enables children to express their creativity in the real world.

What will be learned: Students projects will turn into reality through 3D printers.

Module duration: 1 month.