Curriculum for people of age: 15-19 years old

Kids Academy

All students who are at the end of 9-th grade, high school students and other young people up to the age of 19, have the golden opportunity to be trained in the most contemporary curriculum that ICTSlab brings in Albania, so that they get all the 21st century knowledge.

This curriculum, compound of different modules, aims to familiarize students with the basic concepts of programming, initially learning to program with Python programming language, developing mobile applications for App Store, Android, IoS, developing web pages, familiarizing with the computer architecture, developing games with game developing platforms, and more, learn the basic concepts of electronics and robotics by fostering those knowledge with the use of Raspberry Pi. These knowledge represent only a few dimensions that will be considered in the smallest details with the passage of curriculums.

These students will continually learn concepts related to computer programming, and they can lead to a different dimension any knowledge they may have in programming but not only in this field. They will be able to understand their strengths in a particular module and with the support and dedication of  ICTSlab staff, further development of these strengths will be possible.

Schedule of all modules: Students are free to choose a schedule: 14:00 – 15:15, 15:30 – 16:45 adapting to existing groups as well. Teaching sessions 2 times / week. The length of the session is 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Prerequisites: The student should have basic knowledge in English. He/she should belong to the age group 15-19. Pupils under the age of 15 who wish to continue this curriculum should take a preliminary test.
Price: 6,500 Lek per month (8 tuition sessions). Price reductions up to 30% for another children from the same family.
Offer: Decrease 13% for full payment for modules of 3 or 6 months.

Address – You may find us at Stavro Vinjau Nd.2, H.9, Ap.7 (Elbasan Street, next to the US Embassy).You are invited to visit our center every day of the week from 12:00-19:00.
If you need more information about the 15-19 year curriculum’s  modules, please click on the module headings below or call 069 900 9000.

Abstract: Python is an academic programming language, which finds use in many scientific spheres. It is known as the multi-purpose programming language that enables the development of nearly all platforms, applications, data analysis, artificial intelligence and scientific development. In syntax, it allows natural transition from Scratch visual programming language, which results in its appropriateness to be the first programming language taught.

What will be learned: Through this module, students will gain the ability to use the Python programming language syntax to develop code of games, projects and applications. They will be able to clearly apply the core principles of object-oriented programming, where they will learn to create objects, functions, methods, and classes. In conclusion, students will have all the necessary knowledge regarding Python programming language, which they might use to successfully develop, test and document the code.

Module duration: 6 months

Mobile Apps Abstract: During this module, children using the knowledge gained from the initial modules, will be able to explore gaming development space for mobile phones as well as simple applications.

What will be learned: Students can develop mobile platform games by using the Stencyl platform ( and App Inventor developed by MIT (

Module duration: 3 months.

Abstract: Raspberry PI is a computer device with the size of a credit card, designed to help students learn the basics of computer science, by developing practical and entertaining projects. The basic programming language of Raspeberry PI is Python. Combining the knowledge of the Python module with Raspberry PI will enable students to develop devices with command controls, video games, and so on.

What will be learned: This module will make it possible for students to learn the collaboration of electronic devices and application programs. They will be taught to take data from different sensors, and manipulate this data so that they can further develop their projects. They will also learn the basic or advanced concepts of Robotics(depending of their level of knowledge in Robotics). In this module, students might possibly reach a higher level of creativity, as they will combine an interact with both,  programming and electronic world.

Module duration: 3 months.

Abstract: This module will further enhance students’ knowledge about programming. They will be able to build real-world web pages, understand the architecture, structure and functionality of these pages, and so on.

What will be learned: Based on concepts that are mostly related to their knowledge in the Python programming language, they will learn how to build a website using programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, learn how the Internet is build and how it functions, ways of communicating on the Internet, etc.

Module duration: 3 months.

Abstract: This module’s aim is to teach different professional ways of developing 2 and 3 Dimensional games. Students will learn how to link games with other disciplines related to their interests and creativity, powered by the most modern technologies associated with the design and development of these computer games.

What will be learned: Using genuine concepts related to programming and platforms for developing these games, prototypes of many different gaming genres will be built. Students will get acquainted with the elements of the game and the different ways of interacting with them.

Module duration: 4 months.

Abstract: The purpose of this module is to get students to know, at a decent level, the computer’s architecture, components of a computer, hardware-software interconnection, exploration of different parts, etc. They will manage to provide alternative solutions to various problem situations.

What will be learned: In this module, using concepts that relate to different hardware parts, their different functionalities, operating systems, etc, will enable outputs that are directly related to the purpose of a high performance of a system computer.

Module duration: 1 month.